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Kayak Surfing, Hobuck Beach -Aug 4-5, 2012
Clark Island from Gooseberry Point, Aug 28-29, 2010 ...TR (pdf w/o pics 100Kb)
Stawberry/Cypress Islands July 2008
Sailing on lake Union CWB, Sept 16, 2007 (PSSG event)
Lopez-Obstruction-Fidalgo Island, Sept 7-8, 2007 (camp w/ saul & gang)
Logboom park with Saul and gang July 10, 2007
Barkley Sound/Broken Group June 2006
Wenatchee WW Festival, June 11, 2005
Strawberry - Cypress Island circumnavigation 2, May 27-28, 2005
Foss River and Silver Creek Jan 29, 2005
Tofino surfing April 2002 --no link yet--
Hobuck surfing --no link yet--
Whidbey crossing Lighthouse park to Clinton Nov 28, 2004

Many more but with the wet I haven't taken the camera out. And many more just waiting to be posted when I find spare time ... haha! good joke... spare time :-) -I'll get to them sometime -I'd rather be off having fun than being on the computer. . .

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